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Apply now for CFP Fellowship


The UH Fellowship in Complex Family Planning was established in 2012. The two-year, ACGME-accredited Fellowship program follows the educational, research, policy, and international health requirements outlined by the Society of Family Planning. Fellows participate in an international family planning rotation, develop and complete a research project, and have the opportunity to participate in many policy and professional development learning opportunities locally and with their national cohort of Fellows.

Graduates of the Fellowship are experts in complex family planning clinical care, family planning clinical and translational research, family planning public health and public policy, and family planning education. Fellowship graduates are highly sought after in academic departments of Ob-Gyn throughout the county.

Individuals interested in applying to the Fellowship should visit or contact Mary at for specific information about the UH Fellowship in Complex Family Planning. Applications are now open for positions starting in August 2025. Applications for this cycle will be accepted until 11amHST on May 6th, 2024. Please note this is an earlier date than the deadline published on the ERAS Fellowship timeline. 

Clinical Training:

  • All methods of pregnancy termination

  • All diagnostic methods to confirm uterine extra-uterine pregnancy

  • Anesthesia and pain control for in-office gynecologic procedures

  • Ultrasonography related to contraception and abortion

  • Management of complications

  • All methods of contraception currently available and under investigation

  • Sterilization


  • Hands-on and didactic teaching for residents and medical students

  • Running journal club


  • Study design and structured clinical research

  • Statistical analysis

  • Obtain funding for research studies in contraception and abortion

  • Scientific writing for peer-reviewed journals and other academic publications

  • Presentation at national conferences

  • Development as an independent researcher/teacher

  • Grant writing


  • Opportunities for public policy rotations

  • Participation in community health collaborative efforts, including Hawaiʻi State Department of Health and other public health stakeholders

  • Gaining skills in physician advocacy through national workshops, engaging local and national policymakers, and media communication

Clinical Locations:

Complex Family Planning Services, including pregnancy termination and contraception, are provided by the CFP Faculty and Fellows at two locations:

1380 Lusitana St
Honolulu, HI 96813

   Appointments: (808) 686-4690


82  Puuhonu Pl
Hilo, HI 96720

   Appointments: (808)-961-6608


For more information on services provided, visit: